Thursday, January 9, 2014

Construction Activities

Construction Activities Jan. 8 - Jan. 14

Timber Lagging Wall at Harbor Access Road

Pile installation is complete with the majority of piles having been set. Crews began placing the timber lagging between the piles last week and continue to install them this week. The timber lagging is a series of 12x12 pressure treated timber beams stacked in a horizontal configuration between the steel I-beam piles.

Timber lagging wall with a portion of the lagging installation completed
 The timber lagging wall extends down the hill towards Arana Creek and stops just prior to the large wooden harbor sign. There is about a 27 foot gap in the wall by the harbor sign and then the timber lagging wall starts again down the hillside for about 77 feet and wraps to the left. Midway through the left turn the wall transitions to an MSE wall (see example image below) to meet the causeway at Arana Creek.

Upper section of lagging wall near boat trailer parking lot
Lower section of Lagging wall in left turn near Arana Creek
Example of MSE wall

Electrical conduit to light trail along wall and causeway 

Lighting Along Timber Lagging Wall

Trenching for the electrical conduit for the timber lagging wall began this week. The conduit will provide power for the 17 light boxes that will be notched in the timber wall, 30 inches above the trail every 30 feet, for the length of the wall down to the Arana Creek causeway (see detail below)


Cross section of multi-use trail along harbor access road


Multi-Use Trail Construction

The protective plastic has been removed from the pervious concrete multi-use trail and the forms have been pulled. Final grading has begun along both sides of the trail in preparation for hydroseeding.

Creek View Trail heading uphill from harbor
Pervious concrete trail near Hagemann Gulch
Crews fine tune final grading along the multi-use trail

Scheduled work for this week

Workers clearing brush and small trees in Hagemann Gulch

Hagemann Gulch Bridge

1.Excavate bridge footing on east and west side

2. Drill and pour CIDH piles for bridge abutment

    Timber Lagging Wall at Harbor Road

    1.Install lagging

    2. Install baserock and make weather ready

    3. Install conduit for lighting

    Pervious Concrete Multi-Use Trail

    1. Continue work at trail intersection at harbor

    2. Re-grade trail for final preparation and hydroseed