Arana Creek Causeway

Arana Creek Pedestrian and Bike Causeway
Another bridge type structure will be placed above ground over the four existing 6 foot diameter underground culverts that drain Arana Creek into the north harbor. The 70' long elevated causeway is being constructed over the four pipes to provide access to the pipes in the event they need replacement or maintenance in the future. Also the elevated trail does not put pressure on the pipes and allows the passage of potential flood waters flowing from Arana Creek during a peak flow storm event.

The causeway will be pre-assembled off-site and then placed with a crane onto the abutments. The causeway is made of corten steel and is similar in design to the pedestrian bridge spanning the San Lorenzo River near highway 1. The causeway will be 70' long and 10 feet wide with low level lighting on the railings. The height above ground will vary between 6 and 8 feet.

Example of proposed causeway bridge spanning underground culverts at Arana Creek