Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Construction Activities

Construction Activities Jan. 15 - Jan. 22

Timber Lagging Wall at Harbor Access Road

Crews began placing the timber lagging between the piles last week and continue to install them this week. Backfilling of the wall started this week with the installation of the filter fabric along the back side of the lagging.
Crews perform compaction and backfilling for timber lagging wall along harbor access road

Lighting Along Timber Lagging Wall

Trenching for the electrical conduit for the timber lagging wall has been completed. The conduit has been installed behind the wall and is being backfilled. The conduit will provide power for the 17 light boxes that have been notched in the timber wall, 30 inches above the trail every 30 feet, for the length of the wall down to the Arana Creek causeway.

Light box 30" above finished grade line
Light box notch-out in timber wall

Electrical conduit behind wall connecting light boxes
Light box detail for timber lagging wall


Cross section of multi-use trail along harbor access road


Multi-Use Trail Construction

Pervious concrete has been poured at the intersection at the harbor dry storage yard. The intersection will be re-opened after the concrete has cured. The construction fencing will be removed and pulled back up the hill to it's original location. Grading around the intersection will commence to make the paths accessible to all sides. Final grading is proceeding along both sides of the trail along the hill portion and the upper flat sections in preparation for hydroseeding.

Veiw looking south towards multi-use trail intersection at harbor dry storage yard
Bulb out for bench and trail being formed
Remaining section connecting hill and meadow being formed

Coastal Parie loop trail is temporarily closed this week due to the construction on the Multi-use trail at the midpoint of the meadow. The trail will be reopend after the section is poured and then plated for access.

Coastal Prairie Loop trail (east side) at Agnes Street is temporarily closed due to multi-use trail construction

Hagemann Bridge abutment on west side

The footings for the west abutment for the Hagemann Gulch Bridge are being excavated. Shoring is also being installed on the west side for the abutment construction.
Excavation of footing at west abutment for the Hagemann Gulch Bridge

Scheduled work for this week

Workers clearing brush and small trees in Hagemann Gulch

Hagemann Gulch Bridge

1.Excavate bridge footing on east and west side

2. Drill and pour CIDH piles for bridge abutment.

    Timber Lagging Wall at Harbor Road

    1.Finish installing lagging

    2. Install baserock and make weather ready

    3. Backfill wall and bury conduit for lighting

    4. Notch wall and install light boxes

    Pervious Concrete Multi-Use Trail

    1. Pour trail intersection at harbor

    2. Re-grade trail for final preparation and hydroseed.

    3. Form and pour last section in middle meadow