Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Construction Activities

Construction Activities Jan. 1 - Jan. 7

Happy New Year!

After a week off for the Christmas holiday, construction has resumed this week. Fortunately good weather continues to prevail allowing for good progress on exposed dirt sections without worry of erosion. The focus this week has been on the timber lagging wall along the harbor access road.

Timber Lagging Wall at Harbor Access Road

Pile installation began this week and the majority of piles have been set. Crews will begin placing the timber lagging between the piles on Thursday and Friday. The timber lagging is a series of 12x12 pressure treated timber beams stacked in a horizontal configuration between the steel I-beam piles. The completed retaining wall will be permanent and will provide the necessary shoring of the hillside for the Multi-Use Trail Construction.

Timber lagging wall pile layout alongside harbor access road

Crew setting steel I-Beam piles for retaining wal
Drill rig with augur bit excavating pile holes

Cross section of multi-use trail along harbor access road

Multi-Use Trail Construction

Baserock compaction and formwork for the tail intersection behind the harbor dry storage yard will begin next week The contractor will place pervious concrete and add the park signage, bike racks and trash receptacles at that location. after the concrete has had a day or two to set up the contractor will reopen the intersection with a plywood access way for pedestrians.

Pervious concrete multi-use trail after being poured and covered in visqueen

Construction crews complete hillside section of multi-use trail

Scheduled work for this week

Workers clearing brush and small trees in Hagemann Gulch

Hagemann Gulch Bridge

1.Excavate bridge footing on east and west side

2. Drill and pour CIDH piles for bridge abutment

    Timber Lagging Wall at Harbor Road

    1. Install piles

    2. Install lagging

    3. Install baserock and make weather ready

    Pervious Concrete Multi-Use Trail

    1. Continue work at trail intersection at harbor

    2. remove formwork and visqueen on new sections

    3. re-grade trail for final preparation and hydroseed