Trail Access

Multi-Use Trail Project is Under Construction
As construction gets underway, we are committed to being a good neighbor and working with the community and surrounding property owners. We will have weekly project updates and current information posted on our project blog.

There are three staging areas for the project: 1) the Agnes Street entrance; 2) the upper harbor overflow boat trailer parking area at the Seventh and Brommer intersection; and 3) the southern parking area of the Santa Cruz Bible Church near Frederick Street. A job trailer has been placed in the street on Agnes Street across from the alley and will remain for the duration of the project. There will also be delivery and storage of construction materials and equipment throughout the project at all three of the staging area locations. We understand that this construction may cause you some inconvenience and will be a minor disturbance to the peace and tranquility of the surrounding neighborhoods. We will do our best to minimize such impacts and address any concerns you may have during the course of construction. We appreciate your patience and accommodation.

Construction Trail Map with Staging and Fencing Areas

Most trails will remain open during construction!
The contractor installed their construction fencing last week to establish a construction access road to construct the new Hagemann Gulch bridge and the new east/west multi-use trail. Most of the existing foot paths in Arana Gulch will remain open during the course of construction. The new Marsh Vista Trail, from the Agnes Street entrance to the north, is under construction this week and will be an unpaved tamped dirt trail. The trails that have been impacted by the construction fencing have connector foot paths along the fence. Trail signs will be installed in the coming week to assist in identifying the open and new trails.
Please observe and comply with all construction signs and fencing. Park regulations are still in effect during construction.