Hagemann Gulch Bridge

The Hagemann Gulch Bridge
A signature element of the Arana Gulch multi-use trail project is 340-foot “stress ribbon” pedestrian bridge across Hagemann Gulch. The stress ribbon bridge design was selected because it allows for a single span without any impact or intrusion on the gulch below.


Bridge construction will begin shortly with the installation of the two abutments at both ends of the bridge. The abutments will be anchored in place by 50 ground anchors drilled into the hillside. The bridge itself will have an overall width of 12'-3" providing a 10' clear travel way between the handrails. The bridge deck will be comprised of 32 precast concrete panels each of them being 10 feet in length. The bridge will also have low level pedestrian lighting installed on the guardrail.

Construction of the bridge is estimated to take the full year and be completed in November of 2014.
When completed the bridge will provide the long awaited connection and access into Arana Gulch from the west at the Broadway and Frederick Street intersection. Below is a simulated photo of what the bridge will look like from the Arana Gulch side.

Visual simulation of proposed bridge across Hagemann Gulch


Lighting on Hagemann Gulch Bridge

The lighting on the Hagemann gulch bridge will consist of small box style lighting placed in a decorative frame between the railing pickets similar to the photo below. There will be a total of approximately 36 lights, 18 on each side in a staggered pattern, placed at 30 inches above the bridge deck.

Example of proposed box lighting on a similar stress ribbon bridge built in San Diego
Lighting detail for Hagemann Gulch Bridge