Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Construction Activities

Construction Activities Dec. 10 - Dec. 17

Multi-Use Trail Construction

Construction of the new multi-use trail continues this week on the hillside portion of the east/west segment with the completion of the placement of fabric and base rock. Formwork for the tail has begun at the bottom of the hill to prepare for the first section of pervious concrete.

Formwork has begun on the hill portion of the multi-use trail

New Marsh Vista Trail

Grading of the new Marsh Vista trail has begun. The trail will be temporarily unavailable while California Conservation Corps (CCC) crews will be cutting in the new trail. Please use caution and follow the detour signs until the trail is opened for public use.

Timber Lagging Wall at Harbor Access Road

New trail alignment along north side of harbor access road
Excavation to prepare for timber lagging wall
The clearing, grubbing and tree removal has been completed along the harbor access road. Excavation of the hillside has begun this week to prepare the slope for the timber lagging wall. Pile layout and installation will follow the completion of the excavation. After the piles are installed crews will begin placing the timber lagging between the piles. The completed retaining wall will be permanent and will provide the necessary shoring of the hillside for the multi-use trail.
Cross section of multi-use trail along harbor access road


Scheduled work for this week

Workers clearing brush and small trees in Hagemann Gulch

Hagemann Gulch Bridge

1.Excavate bridge footing on east and west side

2. Install erosion control measures with silt fencing and straw waddles

    Timber Lagging Wall at Harbor Road

    1. Excavate hillside

    2. Pile layout

    3. Install piles

    4. Install lagging

    Pervious Concrete Multi-Use Trail

    1. Install fabric and baserock

    2. Begin formwork

    3. Placement of pervious concrete trail