Thursday, November 28, 2013

Construction Activities

Construction Activities Nov. 27- Dec. 4
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! There will be no construction work on 11/28 and 11/29. The construction access road has been completed with the placing of the base rock on the filter fabric underlayment. The road will be used for construction equipment and vehicle access to the western bridge abutment over the course of the next year. The Parks and Recreation Department began construction of the new Marsh Vista trail near the Agnes street entrance. This will be a permanent dirt trail connecting to the other dirt trails on the east side of the meadow. Grading of the trail will begin December 9.

Trail signs were posted this week to provide better direction and to help minimize confusion to park users where trails and fencing intersect. Unfortunately the trail signs are being pulled out of the ground by vandals and the contractor and City Parks staff are being vigilant to patrol the area and re-install discarded hiking trail signs.

Multi-Use Trail Construction

Construction of the the multi-use trail began last week on the hillside portion of the east/west segment and continues through next week with the excavation, grading, and compaction to prepare for the the installation of fabric and base rock. The top layer of soil is meticulously separated from the rest of the excavated material and redistributed outside of the construction area along the existing path (see photo below). This process is to ensure that any tarplant seed bank that may exist in the excavated areas is preserved and retained at the site.

Topsoil castings along either side of existing trail from the excavation of new trail for potential Tarplant repopulation

Scheduled work for this week

Workers clearing brush and small trees in Hagemann Gulch

Hagemann Gulch Bridge

1.Excavate bridge footing on west side

2. Install security fencing

    Timber Lagging Wall at Harbor Road

    1. Survey new wall and path alignment along road

    2. Install security fencing

    Pervious Concrete Multi-Use Trail

    1. Excavate subgrade / Compaction

    Neighborhood trail inspector