Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Construction Activities

Construction Activities November 18-22
The construction project continues this week despite the much needed rain we received over the last few days. Progress continues on the construction access road. The Parks and Recreation Department will construct the new Marsh Vista trail near the Agnes street entrance. This will be a permanant dirt trail connecting to the other dirt trails on the east side of the medow (see photos).

Start of new Marsh Vista trail near the Agnes Street entrance

Trailhead at Agnes Street entrance showing construction access road and trail to west of meadow


Scheduled work for this week

View from the west of bridge corridor over Hagemann Gulch

Hagemann Gulch Bridge

1.Clear and grub, tree removal, and removing fencing on Bible Church side.

2. Install security fencing

Temporary construction access road with fabric


Temporary Construction Access Road

1. Install filter fabric

2. Install road base

Sample of pervious concrete for multi-use all-weather trail


Pervious Concrete Multi-Use Trail

1. Clear and grub
2. Excavate subgrade / Compaction